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    Citygate GIS 
    has a long history of working with School districts in drawing both attendance areas and the development bus routing solutions.  In 2002, Citygate replaced its autoBound software with a more comprehensive product called Maptician for School Planners.  Maptician includes, Student population projection, Attendance area redistricting and a complete Bus routing and Bus stop management system.

    Citygate has also performed Turn-Key redistricting support services for a variety of small, medium and large municipalities, including: Harford County, Maryland, the City of Johnston, Rhode Island, the City of Providence, Rhode Island and Adams County, Colorado.  These services included work with elected officials during the plan development and holding of public meetings after the various alternatives had been completed. 

    Citygate’s work with school districts have included support of attendance area adjustments for school districts ranging in size from less than 15,000 students to over 120,000 students, including clients such as Harford County, Maryland, Montgomery County, Maryland, City of Madison, Wisconsin, City of Las Vegas/Clark County, Nevada, Fairfax County, Virginia.    Henrico County, Virginia, City of Lexington, Kentucky, and St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

    Citygate's support services includes the following:

    Student Geocoding
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    Student Population Projection
    Attendance area redistricting
    Redistricting impact analysis
    Public Meetings and collection of citizen comments
    Cartographic and Map production services
    Bus Routing
    Student database updates

    Given the usually sensitive nature of redistricting, and the interest by the media, Citygate personnel have developed significant past experience with the members of the media.  The Citygate has worked with and given interviews concerning redistricting to news organizations such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the Idaho Statesman and the Providence Journal. 

    Citygate personnel have also participated in public hearings or other presentations concerning redistricting plans. Citygate’s Maptician software has been successfully used in many public hearings to demonstrate various aspects of particular redistricting alternatives.  Citygate has also worked with community groups and other stakeholders to insure participation by the public.    







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