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    Citygate GIS provides software products and consulting services tailored to support clients with requirements in Geospatial Technology.  Our areas of experties include: Emergency Management, Redistricting, School Planning, Internet Web Services and Navigation and Routing.  With over twenty seven years of experience, Citygate brings the vision and the experience required to convert technology into solutions.

    Our firm was founded in 1986 when GIS was still being performed on Unix workstations.  In the 27 years since we began, GIS technology has evolved from workstations to desktop computers, to the Internet, and the mobile platforms.   However, one thing has remained constant.  The need for solutions which satisfy business requirements.   That is why we have always focused on understanding our client's business needs and designing solutions which solve real problems. 

    Our work in school bus routing stemmed from several years of implementing school routing systems on the desktop.  Our Maptician 3 desktop product allowed users to create bus stops and routes.  However, we consistently found routing issues which were the results of poor base maps.  Even when we installed the latest road data, after a few years, the maps would be obsolete.   It required constant updates by school staff, in order to keep them up to date. The use of the Internet promised to eliminate this issue.  Maps would always be updated, and routes as good as was available on any navigation system.  This is when routeabus was born.

    Routeabus uses web based mapping and routing.   The data is always updated and there is no software to install.  We made it Free for small districts and very low cost for everyone else.   Please try it out, and let us know what you think.

    Thank you
    The Routeabus development Team







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